Alpaca wool duvets for allergy sufferers

Oct 27 , 2017

Alpaca wool duvets for allergy sufferers

What allergy sufferers should know

Allergy sufferers are often allergic to more than one substance. This substance is called an allergen. It causes an allergic reaction. An allergy is the answer of your immune system to many different substances. These substances are usually harmless. An allergic reaction can be localised or generalised. If the skin gets into contact with a substance to which the allergy sufferer is allergic, you might feel itchiness after a few minutes or hours. The skin gets red and you might even develop blisters. This type of reaction is called a contact allergy. Substances which enter the allergy sufferer's bloodstream, like medications or insect poison, may cause a generalised allergic reaction. This is characterised by high heart beat frequency, decreased blood pressure, breathing trouble. It is most important for allergy sufferers to do everything to avoid the allergen.

Allergies and bedding

Many allergy sufferers are allergic to dust mite. This is a big problem because dust mights are everywhere in your house. They even live in your bed. allergy sufferer Image of a dust mite

Alpaca wool stuffed duvets for allergy sufferers

Any reduction of allergens is helpful and that is why the choice of your duvet is so important. Alpaca fibre is hypo-allergenic because they don't contain lanolin like sheep wool, which is blamed for being responsible for allergies, and most important alpaca wool is dust mite resistant! That makes it the first choice of filling material for duvets used by allergy sufferers. Considering all alpaca wool features everybody benefits from alpaca wool stuffed duvets. These duvets feel?very light but nevertheless amazingly warm, due to unique thermoregulatory properties keep you at a constant optimal body temperature, absorb moisture, are naturally flame retardant. Consistent with earlier scientific findings, a study by the University of Sydney, Australia found that a better night?s sleep is achieved when sleeping in or under wool. If you want to find the right alpaca wool stuffed duvets please visit our website To learn more about alpaca wool features please read our blogs.