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Alpaca Fibre-filled Duvets

Your new nighttime essential

Enjoy your best sleep with an alpaca fibre-filled duvet

Night sweats, allergies, feeling too hot then too cold… a lot can get in the way of a good night’s sleep. Our sustainably designed alpaca duvets can help with that. Each duvet is filled with naturally luxurious alpaca fibre we ethically produce from our alpaca ranch in British Columbia, Canada.

Why alpaca fibre?
Because it has a low carbon footprint and amazing health benefits. Alpaca wool is warm, breathable and contains microscopic air pockets that absorb moisture to help regulate body temperature for an undisturbed sleep.

Suffering from allergies? Our eco-friendly duvets are also hypoallergenic since alpaca fibres are dust mite resistant and lanolin-free, unlike sheep wool.

Our range of LightWeight and HeavyWeight alpaca fibre-filled duvets lets you sleep comfortably and soundly, so you can wake up fresh every day without having to hit snooze.

  • Anti-fungal & anti-microbial
    Anti-fungal & anti-microbial
  • Hypo-allergenic
  • Regulates body temperature
    Regulates body temperature
  • Dust mite resistant
    Dust mite resistant

Why alpaca wool is the natural textile of choice

Durable, environmentally responsible & naturally silky

Contrary to other traditional textiles like sheep wool, alpaca wool is very soft, warm, light, hypoallergenic and not itchy. Plus it has an amazingly light environmental footprint! Turning raw alpaca fibre into yarn doesn’t require heavy chemical use, unlike other wools, cashmere or cotton. This makes alpaca the ideal textile for producing luxurious and sustainable alpaca fibre-filled duvets, pillows, clothing and more.

A quality environment that breeds quality products

Life on our alpaca ranch

Our beloved alpacas mean the world to us, which is why our alpaca ranch is located on a spacious sunny hill in Canada's lovely Coldstream valley near Vernon, British Columbia.

Our 15 acres of land allows for up to 70 alpacas to freely graze on chemical-free pastures of orchard grass mixed with lupine and a specially developed natural supplement for added nutrition. This food combination keeps their fleece clean and offers them a healthy diet—two key factors that help us produce some of the finest ethically-sourced alpaca fleece on the market.

Originally from medical professional backgrounds, Wendy Niklaus and Dr. Alfons Grabosch are dedicated to raising happy, healthy alpacas that yield some of the most luxurious fibres in the world.

Alpaca Fibre-filled Duvets

Drift off in high-quality comfort

Craving a good night’s sleep? Discover our popular range of naturally luxurious LightWeight and HeavyWeight alpaca duvets sustainably designed to regulate your body temperature for a comfortable sleep.