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Welcome to COKAL Alpaca Products & Ranch!

COKAL Alpaca products is dedicated to producing lines of high quality, luxury alpaca bedding and clothing, including our own COKAL brand fabric line which is currently under development.

Our Alpaca Ranch, based in the Okanagan, BC, Canada, is where we raise our beloved alpacas! Alpacas are producers of some of the finest natural fibres on the planet and our goal is to breed alpacas for the finest fleece available to serve you, our valued customer.

All our products are crafted with utmost care. Bedding is made in BC, Canada whereas our Peruvian line is made by the Quechua women in Peru. To learn more about each line, click below.

About The Alpaca Ranch

  • A Sunny Hill in a Lovely Valley

    Our alpaca ranch is situated on a sunny hill in the lovely Coldstream valley, near Vernon, B.C., Canada and is is committed to breeding alpacas in humane ways that also produces some of the finest fleece on the market.

  • We exclusively manufacture and sell our fleece products through COKAL Inc. Our 15 acre alpaca ranch allows for up to 70 alpacas to graze on green pastures of orchard grass mixed with lupine, which adds to their nutrition. The grass keeps the fleece of our animals clean and offers them a healthy diet., which is vitally important for the fleece quality. In addition, we feed a specifically developed supplementary nutrition to keep our animals healthy and happy.

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