Wool allergy - alpaca wool, the fabric of first choice for allergy sufferers

Oct 03 , 2017

Wool allergy - alpaca wool, the fabric of first choice for allergy sufferers

Wool allergy

You put on a wool sweater and you feel itchiness after a few minutes or hours. The skin gets red and you might even develop blisters. What happened? Either the wool is coarse or you may have an allergic reaction to wool - a wool allergy. An allergy is the answer of your immune system to many different substances which are usually harmless. A wool allergy is called a contact allergy usually causing local symptoms. It is not the wool itself that causes the wool allergy. Wool is animal hair and hair is made of keratin. Any hair, even your own. Have you ever heard of an allergy against hair? I didn?t. So there is no wool allergy? Well, usually if you feel allergic reactions wearing a woollen piece of garment there are two options: you are allergic to any chemicals which are used to treat the wool, like dye or even preservatives. The other reason for a wool allergy is lanolin. Sheep have fat glands in their skin and these glands produce a fat called lanolin, and allergic reactions to that are known.

Alpaca wool is the solution

Now, just knowing what might cause a ?wool allergy? doesn?t help you if you like woollen garments and want to wear it. There is a solution: alpaca wool or fleece! Alpaca wool doesn?t contain any lanolin and it comes in 22 different colours starting from white to fawn, different shades of brown, grey, even black. It is not necessary to dye although it can be dyed. But you have to be careful to buy a high quality piece of alpaca clothing. The fibre used must be very fine. That makes a very soft, cosy fabric. If alpaca is itchy it is not a wool allergy. It is just coarse fibre. You will find high quality alpaca clothing in our shop. Enjoy now your alpaca garment even if you are allergic to wool!