How to Properly Wash an Alpaca Wool Duvet

Jun 25 , 2020

How to Properly Wash an Alpaca Wool Duvet

Let's face it. During this pandemic, you've had quite a bit of time for yourself to learn some new skills. Perhaps you've picked up a new instrument or maybe you started learning a new language. All that is great but if you still have no idea of how to get that stain out of your expensive alpaca wool duvet, it's probably about time you learn how to wash a duvet in the first place.


Why Alpaca Wool Is So Easy To Clean

Alpaca is self-cleaning, antibacterial, and anti-fungal. That's why your duvet always smells fresh. It's not like pet hair, down or other fillers. However, your duvet's outer layer may need freshening up and the following paragraphs will tell you how to do just that.


How To Clean Your Alpaca Wool Duvet

Alpaca Wool Duvet
You can clean your alpaca wool duvet by simply hanging the duvet outside at least once a week for approximately one hour. If your alpaca duvet is flat, then you can put in the dryer once a month on air-fluff. Do not use heat and avoid ever placing your alpaca duvet in a standard washing machine.

If your duvet needs a bit more than air-freshening, you can take it to a dry-cleaner. However, ensure that the dry cleaner is proficient in alpaca cleaning. It's okay to ask - you don't want to ruin your investment. Well well-cared for, an alpaca duvet can last for years.

If you have no other choice, then you can wash your alpaca duvet using a standard washer. Wash on the hand-wash cycle using cold water. Lay flat to dry. This is not a recommended practice as it can permanently damage alpaca and decrease your duvet's lifespan.



How Often Should You Wash Your Alpaca Wool Duvet?

While it isn't necessary to wash it on a regular basis, you may find yourself wanting to get a little touch up in the wash semi-annually or annually.

How Do You Get Rid Of Specific Stains?

 If you are spot cleaning your alpaca duvet, then you will want to apply hydrogen peroxide to the stained area. The stain will lift and the duvet will begin to take on its natural color again as the peroxide dries. Using a biodegradable detergent or hydrogen peroxide is better than using any chlorine-based products because there is less of a chance that the chemicals in the cleaning solution will permanently damage the alpaca material itself.

When you buy an alpaca wool duvet, you are investing in a quality product that will last you for many years to come. Take care of it properly by making sure you understand how to wash and dry it without damaging the fine product material.