Why An Alpaca Wool Duvet Should Be Your Next Bedding Choice

May 05 , 2020

Why An Alpaca Wool Duvet Should Be Your Next Bedding Choice

You probably know the human body temperature fluctuates during the night, causing night sweats and disturbed sleep, especially as we age. You’re also probably aware that restorative sleep, which many consider as bliss, is one of the basic requirements to keep our sanity.

Impact of Sleep Deprivation


If you’ve ever spent a night turning and tossing (chances are, you most likely have), you know how you’ll feel the next day — cranky, tired, emotional, and out of sorts. Without enough sleep, our brain and body systems won’t function well. It can also dramatically lower our quality of life and can cause some major health problems. Ongoing lack of sleep drains you mentally and can lead to issues such as daytime sleepiness, obesity, lack of concentration, risk of diabetes, heart disease, and high blood pressure.

This report says that 75% of women will experience sweats during their lifetime. Meaning, 75% of women are tired, exhausted, and far from their best, for periods of time during their life.  



So, How Can You Sleep (and Feel) Better?

Ultimately, why we don’t sleep well will vary from person to person.  But for many women, there is a strong hormonal influence on their sleep patterns.  

Some of this can be regulated through medications but there are non-pharmaceutical options as well that can greatly help one get a better sleep, especially when it comes to fluctuating body temperatures.

One solution many of our customers come to us for is our Alpaca Wool Duvets…

Alpaca Wool Duvets

Why Alpaca Wool Duvets?

Alpaca’s are a bit funny looking and they even feature in many meme’s due to their unique expressions, but their wool is special and unmatched. 

In fact, alpaca fiber is considered one of the finest fibers. Alpaca wool has a unique thermoregulatory property which keeps your body temperature constant so you get better sleep! Even if you sweat due to hormonal imbalances, the Alpaca duvet will absorb the moisture, keeping you dry. 

What Makes Alpaca Wool So Unique?

Alpaca wool has a soft, durable, and silky natural fiber and it weights two-thirds of the normal wool. Alpacas are producers of some of the finest natural fibers on the planet, with fabric made from alpaca wool some of the most expensive on the planet (above Silk). 

Alpaca is one of the most eco-friendly textiles, which requires minimal processing to turn the fiber into a luxurious yarn. Plus, alpacas are shorn without harm, once in twelve to eighteen months.  In fact, they have to be shorn.  If alpacas, like sheep, are not sheared on a regular basis they are at risk of overheating in the summertime if they are not sheared.  So it’s beneficial for us to shear them annually, and then use their luxurious wool for fabrics and bedding.

Alpaca Wool vs. Llama wool

By physical appearance, Alpacas may look similar to their larger camelid, the Llama, but their fibers are quite different.

The Alpaca wool is the more popular choice for textiles and yarns, as it is lighter in weight and warmer than Llama wool.  Alpaca fiber is very fine, with microns ranging from 15-30, whereas llama fiber is coarser than Alpaca with its fiber range from 50-65 microns. The higher the micron level, the poorer quality of the fiber (and the itchier). This also makes the Alpaca fiber very comfortable on your skin. 

Benefits of Alpaca Wool Duvet

It Is Moisture Wicking

Alpaca fiber absorbs moisture keeping you dry, even if it is due to hormonal issues. 

Alpaca fibers also contain microscopic air pockets, which provide great insulation and keeps you warm in winter. These air pockets also have amazing breathability, which keeps you cool during summer.  In fact, it’s a better insulator than the all popular down duvets that we see on Amazon and in Ikea.

Strong and Durable

 Don’t let the cute Alpaca face fool you! Alpaca fibers last longer than most other fibers, including other wools, silk, and cashmere.

Everyone wants value for their money. An alpaca duvet is extremely durable, strong, and easy to maintain. It’s not heavy or dense, which is surprising, but the hollow fibers of Alpaca is what makes it special and truly unique. With proper care, an Alpaca duvet can last a lifetime.

Alpaca Duvets Are Not Itchy

Traditional wool causes itchiness due to the lanolin present in it. When a sheep’s wool is shorn, the lanolin remains in it, unless it is scrubbed using some harsh chemicals.

Alpacas do not produce any lanolin. As the pure alpaca wool is lanolin-free, it is hypoallergenic and safe for people with allergies. Alpaca wool will not cause an allergic reaction such as itchiness, irritation, or redness on your skin.

It reduces your heart rate and allows you to sleep deeper

As the duvet absorbs moisture, it also reduces your heart rate and allows you to sleep deeper. You can wake up fresh every day, without the need to snooze your alarm.

Renewable Fibres

Compared to other wools, cashmere or cotton, Alpaca yarn production has an amazing light environmental footprint. Turning the raw shredded alpaca fiber to a yarn does not require heavy chemical use, unlike the other wools which require strong pesticides and water.

Alpaca Duvet

What’s Unique About Alpaca Duvets from Cokal?

We are committed to breeding Alpacas inhumane ways. Our 15-acre alpaca ranch allows for up to 70 alpacas to graze on green pastures of orchard grass mixed with lupine, which adds to their nutrition.

The grass keeps the fleece of our animals clean and offers them a healthy diet, which is vitally important for the fleece quality. In addition, we feed a specifically developed supplementary nutrition to keep our animals healthy and happy.

Our Alpacas produces some of the finest fleece in the world.

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