Alpaca Duvet COMBO 3 in 1

Mar 26 , 2022

Alpaca Duvet COMBO 3 in 1

Usually, if you purchase a duvet, you have the choice to buy a summer, an all season or a winter duvet. These duvets have different fillings to keep you warm During different seasons and temperatures. A winter duvet will be top warm in summer and a summer might be war too cold in winter.

 We developed a solution to purchase just two duvets which offer the convenience of three. It is called a COMBO or 3 in 1.

 The COMBO combines a „summer “ with an „all season “. They are connected to each other with snap buttons resulting in a very warm „winter” duvet and can easily be separated into one „summer" and one „all season “again.

 Each of our alpaca duvets is hand-made with care and filled with a breathable blend of 70% alpaca wool and 30% sheep wool, which adds more loft.

 The alpaca fiber is one of the most valuable and exclusive natural fibers available. It is called “Gold of the Andes” or even “Fleece of Gods”. In the empire of the Incas, it was reserved for the royals and clerics. In Royal Alpaca quality, the fiber is finer than cashmere and much more valuable than sheep's wool.

 For our duvets we use the wool from our own alpacas. That is why the number of duvets we can make each year is limited. We don’t use any cheap wool imported. From shearing to finish every step of the production happens locally in our own hands.

 Alpaca duvets absorb moisture. This feature makes it the ideal filling for those who suffer from night sweats. Alpaca duvets keep your body dry during the night and create a healthy micro-environment.

 The alpaca filling feels very light but nevertheless amazingly warm. Alpaca fleece is anti-microbial, dust mite resistant. It is hypoallergenic. It doesn't contain lanolin like sheep wool, which is blamed for being responsible for allergies.

 There is scientific evidence that sleeping under alpaca duvets improves your sleep quality. The heart rate gets lower and allows you to sleep deeper. The number of REM phases, the time during sleep when you really regain, increases.

 Our duvets have a waffle pattern and are sewn-through. We use alpaca matts to fill, and the seams keep this type of filling in place. If you use just loose fiber then you need a baffle box to keep the filling at least inside one box, but inside each box it can move.

 Our duvets are available in KING size (91" x 104", 231 cm x264 cm), QUEEN size (91" x 90", 231cm x 229 cm), TWIN size (91" x 70", 231 cm x 178 cm), and EUROPEAN STANDARD size (79"x53", 200 cm x 135 cm).


Care instruction:

 We strongly recommend a duvet cover.

 Wash your alpaca fiber filled duvet as seldom as possible. The less it is washed the longer it will last. Gently spot clean with mild detergent.

 Airing outside every 2 or 3 days will keep this duvet clean and fresh.

 If needed wash in a front-loading washer in cold water using mild detergent on ultra-hand wash. Spin to make sure most of the water is out. Hang to dry.


Do not use dryer as dryers tend to be too hot for the fibers.Alpaca Duvet