Do dogs need a dog bed?

May 11 , 2017

Do dogs need a dog bed?

If you ask yourself whether your dog needs an alpaca dog bed think of your own bed. You would agree that your bed is one of your most important and used piece of furniture in your home. Why is that? Because we need to get 6 - 8 hours of deep, relaxing sleep every day to stay healthy and productive. Your bed also provides a cosy feeling of ?my own space?. What about your dog? Does he or she needs a dog bed as well?

Sharing your bed with your dog

You might say: my dog can sleep on the floor. Or?he can sleep in my bed. Both options are not the best. Your dog sleeps up to 12 hours every day. And dogs need their own space too where they feel safe and comfortable. To provide this pleasure get him an own dog bed, a place where he can relax and rest. If your dog has his own dog bed this will also help you. Sharing your bed with your dog might be enjoyable at the beginning, but it will become more and more unfavourable over time. Dogs may kick you at night, might snore, leave their hair on your bed. Sleeping together with your dog in one bed is not only insanitary, but it will also affect your sleep quality. Here are some studies about sleeping with dogs. They are controversial., /(Refer to chapter 5), Finally it depends on you, the dog owner, whether your sleep quality is impaired by your dog. Zoonosis is a contagious disease that can be transferred from an animal to a person. Dozens of those diseases are known. Also your loved dog may contaminate you with bacteria or viral diseases especially if they sleep close to you in one bed. Dogs like to have a walk and roam around. They may bring a lot of dirt into your house - and bed. Sleeping in the same bed may even affect the ranking. It can lead to the situation that the dog doesn?t accept the owner as leader.

Benefits of an alpaca dog bed

Insulation Dogs also need maintenance of an optimum body temperature for comfort. Sleeping on the floor in winter or summer can expose your dog to unfavourable temperatures. He might fall sick. - Feeling of privacy and security An alpaca dog bed provides the feeling of privacy and security. It allows him to retreat whenever necessary. Injury prevention Having an alpaca dog bed of his own keeps a dog from jumping up to and down from higher furniture. Cushion joints and bones A soft cushion is comfortable and healthy for joints and bones especially for older or arthritic dogs. Sleeping on a hard floor can cause uncomfortable sleep on the long run. In the worst case finally you end up with a troublesome companion. Better control over hair and dirt A good alpaca dog bed keeps hair and dirt in one place. Considering these benefits should help you to take the right choice when you buy a dog bed.

The features your dog bed should provide

The bed must provide: insulation, should cushion the floor, has to be cleaned easily. Furthermore it is beneficial if your bed absorbs odor and is environmentally?friendly. The filling material should be organic not just recycled. Finally you have to consider whether your dog is allergic. In this case a cedar?filling should be avoided. It might cause skin irritations. But you have to find?out what your dog is allergic to.  A good choice is an alpaca wool stuffed dog bed with microfibre cover?manufactured by COKAL Alpaca Products Inc. This dog bed comes with an inner alpaca wool stuffed cotton duvet and an?outer microfibre removable zip off cover. Please visit our online shop. We have an awesome alpaca wool filled dog bed?with microfibre cover.