A better sleep with Alpaca Wool Duvets

Jul 11 , 2017

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A better sleep with Alpaca Wool Duvets

Alpaca Wool duvets helps you improve your sleep quality, giving you a better sleep. Do you have sleep problems? Why is the quality of your duvet so important? We spend nearly 40% of our lives sleeping. A deep, relaxing?sleep is necessary to keep us healthy and active. Many factors are influencing our sleep quality: stress, bedroom temperature, noise, hormonal disturbances, even diseases like sleep apnoea. One of the most important ones is the quality of your duvets. With your duvet, you create a microclimate. During the night your body temperature fluctuates. That means temperature and humidity changes. This can provoke disturbed sleep. The core body temperature should always be kept on a comfortable level. During the night the human body loses up to one and a half liter of fluid - sweat. Your duvet should maintain your body temperature and wick away moisture - keeping you warm in winter and cooler in summer. Alpaca fleece stuffed duvets are the ideal answer to these requirements.

Alpaca wool duvets feel?very light but nevertheless amazingly warm. Compared to sheep's wool, 30% less alpaca wool provides the same feeling of warmness. Alpaca wool duvets due to its unique thermoregulatory properties keep you at a constant optimal body temperature. This ensures a comfortable sleep. Couples with differing temperature requirements will benefit in a way that alpaca fibers will keep you both at your ideal temperature. Alpaca wool duvets absorb moisture. This feature makes it the ideal filling for those who suffer from night sweats. Alpaca wool duvets keep your body dry during the night and create a healthy micro-environment. Alpaca wool duvets are hypoallergenic because they don't contain lanolin like sheep wool, which is blamed for being responsible for allergies. They have antibacterial and anti-fungal properties and are dust mite resistant. Alpaca wool duvets are naturally flame retardant. There is scientific evidence that sleeping under alpaca wool duvets improves your sleep quality. The heart rate gets lower and allows you to sleep deeper. The number of REM phases, the time during sleep when you really regain, increases. Consistent with earlier scientific findings, a study by the University of Sydney, Australia found that a better night?s sleep is achieved when sleeping in or under wool. Buy Cokal's Alpaca Duvet

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